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Share and benefit

The basic principle of a virtual server is that multiple customers share the hardware of a physical system. This means they all make joint use of its hardware, including the processor, memory, storage, etc. Obviously varying numbers of VPS can be set up on a system like this – it depends entirely on what performance is required from each individual server. Good news: Our hardware is so powerful that you can enjoy efficient performance despite shared resources.

Web hosting vs. virtual servers: how much freedom do you want?

As a server geek, your fingers are probably itching. You’d like the fact that a VPS at SERVER4YOU comes with full root access for administration. Set it up however you choose! Full root access makes it significantly different to other web hosting services, where you have less freedom and options. For example, other types of hosting provide you with far fewer resources than a virtual server. So if you want to do bigger things, a VPS will put you on the right track. It also stands out because of its versatility in terms of possible applications, such as hosting multiple websites or installing a development environment.

Extra performance included

A further practical benefit is that you can often have your Virtual Server utilise more performance than is assured by your guaranteed resources. There is a very simple reason for this: when other servers on the host system have low performance needs, you can use the untapped performance temporarily for your own needs. Hosting experts know that it’s often worth leasing a VPS if increased server performance is only needed from time to time.


It all depends on what you’re planning. SSD storage media are fully electronic and provide significantly higher IOPS performance than classic mechanical hard drives. This enables more read and write access per second. More than 10 times as much, in fact, with the SSDs that we use. So the decision is clear: a virtual server with SSD storage is recommended when you have a lot of input/output operations, e.g. with dynamic websites. You should choose a server with traditional hard drives in the host system if you need more storage capacity and your project has a lower volume of database queries.


100GB SSD, 200GB Hard Drive


2 vCores



Connection Speed

100 Mbit/s

Billing Period

Monthly, Yearly, 2 Year


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