Email hosting website for individuals and small businesses. A user-friendly email platform that offers a fully featured webmail and a flashy website design to showcase the features.

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The Brief

Established in 2017, we created an email platform at iCustomWeb that offers short usernames with our domain name In the age where nearly every username for an email service is taken, we wanted to make a user-friendly email platform where users could have any name they desired.

The website offers information about the service in an elegant format. As well as having an integrated registration form for users to sign up. Every user is provided with a 10GB inbox and given the option to integrate with email applications on desktop and mobile.

User Experience

A primary focus was to make the user experience seamless across all devices. The fully featured desktop webmail allows users to interact with emails as they would on email clients such as Outlook. In addition, the ability to have your email inbox on desktop, tablet and mobile devices through integrations with other apps makes this a viable option in comparison to other email suppliers.

40 Users and Counting

40 Users and Counting

Support Forums

One main objective of our email platform is to provide community support. Therefore we used an open-source support forms where users can create accounts, submit tickets and most importantly get responses from us.

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